Temporary (mandatory) cessation of activities due to Covid-19


POTTERY CLASSES (basic throwing techniques)


A course exists out of 9 lessons of each 2,5h of intensive practice.

As a beginner you will learn the basic throwing techniques: centering, pulling the clay and making a cylinder. Furthermore you will learn the techniques of enlarging and narrowing the clay. After the course you will be able to throw small objects such as bowl, cups, platters,… If you should have some experience, we can teach more complex forms.

  • Mondays from 13h to 15h30

  • Tuesday from 13h to 15h30 + from 19h30 to 22h

  • Wednesdays from 9h30 to 12h

  • Thursdays from 13h to 15h30



New courses will come online as soon as the safety of all can be guaranteed.

People who are capable of throwing pots, can use the "open atelier"


max 6 participants.


The lessons are in the atelier (Nekkersputstraat 255F  Ghent)

You can park your car in front of the workplace (side alley of the Nekkersputstraat)

Clay and working material are available. Make sure to bring cloths and a towel that may become dirty.

Your pots can be baked on the following conditions:

- 2 euro/kg unbaked work 

- 6 euro/kg bisque fired
- 10 euro/kg glazed


Send a mail (contact) with your name and the series of lessons.

Your registration is official after the reception of the registration fee (310€/p.p.) on the following account:

Keramiekatelier (BE10 7360 2432 1604) With the mentioning of your name and the series.